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We are a community of volunteers working for the betterment of the refugees and the people in need. There is a lot to do, and we could use some extra hands in our projects to make sure our future goals are met ahead of time. We aim to help each one in need with out events and special meet ups to create awareness about why we need more love among us.

Connecting Communities

Join aur team of volunteers to create a welcoming environment for anyone in need irrespective of the race, religion, community, or region.


Staff & Board

Our team has members from around the world, working for the betterment of others by doing their bit.

Ownership Services

There are opportunities for offering and receiving service in our community which provides income sources and food security for those in need.

Community Partners

We are grateful to all the community partners who have worked with us for our causes. We are dedicated to lead more programs for helping society.

Argenta Community

You’ve Always Wanted To Live In A  Community Like Argenta


We need you and your help

Although we are a self suffice team, we can take the help of people who like to work for the noble causes and help the people by doing their bit.

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Technology Has Changed the Meaning of Community

When Americans can flick a console or swipe a touchscreen to associate with items, individuals, and data from anyplace on the planet, would they say they are in threat of disengaging from their own networks? With the world readily available, would we say we are dismissing the spots outside of our windows?

The most recent Allstate/National Journal Heartland Monitor Poll clarifies those inquiries are drawing in—and concerning—numerous Americans as they live through an upset in interchanges and PC innovation so amazing it has reasonably evoked correlations with a characteristic change, similar to a storm.

Most Americans see these falling changes as an explanation behind positive thinking—a brilliant spot in a sky generally blurred with worry over the country’s economy, government, and open and private-division administration. Simply over portion of those surveyed in the new study said the blast of computerized advancements and network has accomplished more to associate than to seclude Americans and will keep on improving their general personal satisfaction. They additionally said the progressions have made a larger number of occupations than they have dispensed with. Youngsters are particularly hopeful.

Be that as it may, the study additionally found a considerable minority of grown-ups who stay worried that our consistently expanding dependence on advanced advances is costing occupations, undermining nearby dealers, fraying networks, upsetting families, and disrupting such a large number of parts of American life. On a large number of these inquiries, worries about the ramifications of these inescapable innovative changes are more prominent among more seasoned Americans, especially those with kids.

In follow-up interviews, the predominant note for some, who were surveyed was an unmistakable indecision. Respondents youthful and old perceived issues that the new advancements are making, even as they praised the entryways this computerized world has opened.

“To the extent the negatives go, individuals appear to be progressively uninvolved or less gregarious—there’s less family time, in light of the fact that most young people are included on their gadgets, contrasted with certain years prior,” said Mark Anderson, a 54-year-old resigned vehicle sales rep in Greenbelt, Maryland. “For the positives, the entirety of the data is readily available. In the event that there’s something you don’t have any acquaintance with, you can Google it. Or on the other hand on the off chance that you need bearings, things are significantly simpler. In general, it’s certain. I simply trust that everybody has equivalent access to the chance—that is the primary concern.” Cloud computing has democratized technology.

Samuel Ulrich, a 18-year-old in Walla, Washington, is examining to chip away at wind-control frameworks. He depicted a comparative record, however with more passages in the positive segment. “The more established age, they don’t generally believe that innovation is extraordinary, in light of the fact that it removes the eye to eye connection and correspondence from individual to individual,” Ulrich said. “Presently it’s a great deal of innovation to-individual rather than eye to eye contact. They consider that to be taking cover behind a telephone. I believe it’s great, however, on the grounds that you’re ready to get to any data whenever you need.”

Six Ways To Help Your Community

Help Your Community

1) Get included as a volunteer

There are heaps of volunteering openings out there. Search for things that intrigue to you, things you have done previously, things you are great at or things you’d like to attempt. It could even be the beginning of another profession for you. You can utilize this device to locate your local volunteer focus or use volunteer pursuit devices to discover openings on the web. Reach is the spot to discover volunteering openings where you can use your expert abilities.

2) Support local businesses

Local businesses are a significant piece of local networks that are constantly under strain from greater national and global contenders. Supporting local businesses will give you a chance to encourage new and innovative entrepreneurship and that will in turn provide opportunities to many others looking for work. It also counts for good investment.

Clean up

3) Clean up

Little things like litter picking and gardening can make your local zone a more pleasant spot to live for everybody. Keep your city Tidy assistance associate #LitterHeroes to arrange clean-ups in their networks, however there’s nothing to stop you sorting out your own utilizing genuine contacts or social media. In the event that you spot greater issues in your locale – like graffiti, fly-tipping, fly-posting, potholes or relinquished autos – you can utilize Love Clean Streets to report it to your local leacer and get it dealt with.

4. Help your neighbors

Philanthropy begins at home, and network begins with everybody around you. Numerous individuals endure money related, physical or psychological issues peacefully. Feeling lonely was recognized as “one of the general well being difficulties within recent memory”. It’s evaluated that up to a fifth of all UK grown-ups feel lonely often or constantly. It’s frequently connected with psychological issues, however it is likewise connected with a fundamentally higher danger of malady and mortality.

Remember to put in the effort to become acquainted with the individuals around you and learn how you can support them. It could be arranging a financial limit, doing the food and grocery shopping or simply visiting them. No one can tell how a little bit of your time can help somebody out of luck.

Donate regularly

5. Donate regularly

Helping the network doesn’t need to mean donating time or money, foundations can profit by your no more used belongings. Consider donating undesirable attire, adornments, media, books and home ware to philanthropy shops. The British Heart Foundation – who fund-raise to store investigation into fixes and medicines for heart and circulatory maladies – even idea to gather things like these for nothing. Utilization of food banks is on the ascent. You can locate your local foodbank .Consider facilitating your own gathering at school, church or a local business on the off chance that you truly need to have any greater effect.

6. Give bread

In the event that you can save some money local foundations are consistently out of luck. At the point when you give, ensure your money goes to the opportune spot by. Helping the network is beneficial for you and useful for people around you. Regardless of whether you invest energy in a network venture, give not used apparel or simply clean up, giving something back can help you as well.

10 Community Event Ideas to Bring Everyone Together

Community Event

Looking for community event ideas to make for a good time? Here are a few suggestions:

1. Pub Quiz:

We all love to relax at a pub with a cold pint of beer in our hands. Throw in some good company in the form of your community by organizing a pub quiz. A pub quiz is a fun way of interacting, and a friendly quiz night can appeal to a broad audience. You can even take it up a notch by picking specialist subjects based on the interests of the community.

2. Arts and Crafts Stations:

Arts and crafts stations are relaxing yet straightforward enough for everyone to participate. It offers a creative outlet, and when you add a community initiative like raising money for charity, it helps bring the community together. A good cause can drive people together, and it helps the cause as well as improves community bonds.

Food Festival

3. Food Festival/Farmer’s Market:

Food is a surprisingly good way of getting people together and is almost instantaneous in brightening up your mood. You can make this a community event by roping in your local farmers and caterers in the area. Everyone can get together to put up a good food festival. A food festival is that much more fun for all the work you put in it while feeling close to your community.

4. Outdoor Barbecues:

If you’re feeling for a more casual and laidback activity outdoors than a food festival, outdoor barbecues may be your thing. It’s a relaxed environment where you get to coordinate with each other and learn how to work as a team to have some tasty grilled meat. The community’s barbeque experience depends on how well you cooperate.

5. Crowd Activated Interactive Games:

It’s nice to have an old-fashioned gathering once in a while, but technology is relevant to community event options as well. There are large digital screens that display games controlled by audience participation. How well a group participates determines how well they do in the game. It’s a glorified version of a typical game night and can be exciting to try.


6. Gardening:

Everyone can agree that walking through a path with good scenery is one of those little joys in life. You can come together as a community to liven up the neighbourhood by digging out the weeds, planting some pretty flowers and even growing a vegetable patch! Find your green thumb. Once you got the whole area looking green, try for a gardening event calling in people from in and around the locality.

7. Outdoor Movie Screen:

In love with drive-in theatres? Have one with your community using an outdoor movie screen. People get to have their own space while still coming together and enjoying a sense of togetherness.

8. Bonfire Night:

There’s just something heartwarming about bonfire nights. It creates the perfect atmosphere to open up and share stories and revel in each other’s company.

Bonfire Night

9. Giant Garden Games:

Giant garden games are oversized games that double the fun that has no age limit. So pool in and invest in the silliness.

10. Live shows:

Live shows are a great way of showcasing local talent and opens up a side of your community you never usually see.

The 5 Benefits of Community


A community can be enriching for you even if you have never considered it so. Here are five benefits you can reap from leading a community life:

1. Celebrate:

Being part of a community lets you feel free to celebrate your success and the success of others. We all need to feel good about ourselves and what we’ve achieved. A good community makes you feel recognised, and an event can be a pat on your back after a long week. Community life can be a big part of loving life and having a healthy outlook on how you take each hardship. When you celebrate the good parts, you feel confident and equipped to get through the rough patches. When you share your wins, you feel confident and encourages you to keep going.


2. Gratitude and Appreciation:

Community life lets you feel not only a sense of gratitude but also appreciative of what you have. It is essential to have a positive relationship with ourselves and others around us. For that, we need to be able to know the source of our gratitude. Community life can let us be in touch with this source by giving us time and space to appreciate it. You are more likely to give back to the world what you take more genuinely.

3. Resources:

Resources are vital if you want to live a fulfilled life. It could be information, skill, money, innovations or critical insights that can help advance your life. Communities provide you with leverage to gain these resources. A community lends these resources readily in a supportive fashion. You may be surprised at how much of a helping hand the peers from your community can be. In a community, your potential is encouraged, and your peers provide you with the resources to enable it.

4. Sense of belonging:

Not feeling like you belong anywhere can be the worst feeling ever. Active community life can build a feeling of being known, understood and wanted. When you join a community, you will realise your views are valued. Being surrounded by people who are like-minded and sharing a collective identity as a community tethers you to a sense of belonging. Community life reassures you that you have a place where you belong.


5. Unconditional support:

Support has the power to change the situation. There will be times when you are feeling cornered. When you are in a community, you have peers who can reassure and support you regardless of circumstances. As they are likely to understand what you’re going through, they also know the kind of support you require. A community is a space of mutual support where all the members are willing to strengthen each other. A real community has the right support for all its members.

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