10 Community Event Ideas to Bring Everyone Together

Community Event

Looking for community event ideas to make for a good time? Here are a few suggestions:

1. Pub Quiz:

We all love to relax at a pub with a cold pint of beer in our hands. Throw in some good company in the form of your community by organizing a pub quiz. A pub quiz is a fun way of interacting, and a friendly quiz night can appeal to a broad audience. You can even take it up a notch by picking specialist subjects based on the interests of the community.

2. Arts and Crafts Stations:

Arts and crafts stations are relaxing yet straightforward enough for everyone to participate. It offers a creative outlet, and when you add a community initiative like raising money for charity, it helps bring the community together. A good cause can drive people together, and it helps the cause as well as improves community bonds.

Food Festival

3. Food Festival/Farmer’s Market:

Food is a surprisingly good way of getting people together and is almost instantaneous in brightening up your mood. You can make this a community event by roping in your local farmers and caterers in the area. Everyone can get together to put up a good food festival. A food festival is that much more fun for all the work you put in it while feeling close to your community.

4. Outdoor Barbecues:

If you’re feeling for a more casual and laidback activity outdoors than a food festival, outdoor barbecues may be your thing. It’s a relaxed environment where you get to coordinate with each other and learn how to work as a team to have some tasty grilled meat. The community’s barbeque experience depends on how well you cooperate.

5. Crowd Activated Interactive Games:

It’s nice to have an old-fashioned gathering once in a while, but technology is relevant to community event options as well. There are large digital screens that display games controlled by audience participation. How well a group participates determines how well they do in the game. It’s a glorified version of a typical game night and can be exciting to try.


6. Gardening:

Everyone can agree that walking through a path with good scenery is one of those little joys in life. You can come together as a community to liven up the neighbourhood by digging out the weeds, planting some pretty flowers and even growing a vegetable patch! Find your green thumb. Once you got the whole area looking green, try for a gardening event calling in people from in and around the locality.

7. Outdoor Movie Screen:

In love with drive-in theatres? Have one with your community using an outdoor movie screen. People get to have their own space while still coming together and enjoying a sense of togetherness.

8. Bonfire Night:

There’s just something heartwarming about bonfire nights. It creates the perfect atmosphere to open up and share stories and revel in each other’s company.

Bonfire Night

9. Giant Garden Games:

Giant garden games are oversized games that double the fun that has no age limit. So pool in and invest in the silliness.

10. Live shows:

Live shows are a great way of showcasing local talent and opens up a side of your community you never usually see.

10 Community Event Ideas to Bring Everyone Together
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