The 5 Benefits of Community


A community can be enriching for you even if you have never considered it so. Here are five benefits you can reap from leading a community life:

1. Celebrate:

Being part of a community lets you feel free to celebrate your success and the success of others. We all need to feel good about ourselves and what we’ve achieved. A good community makes you feel recognised, and an event can be a pat on your back after a long week. Community life can be a big part of loving life and having a healthy outlook on how you take each hardship. When you celebrate the good parts, you feel confident and equipped to get through the rough patches. When you share your wins, you feel confident and encourages you to keep going.


2. Gratitude and Appreciation:

Community life lets you feel not only a sense of gratitude but also appreciative of what you have. It is essential to have a positive relationship with ourselves and others around us. For that, we need to be able to know the source of our gratitude. Community life can let us be in touch with this source by giving us time and space to appreciate it. You are more likely to give back to the world what you take more genuinely.

3. Resources:

Resources are vital if you want to live a fulfilled life. It could be information, skill, money, innovations or critical insights that can help advance your life. Communities provide you with leverage to gain these resources. A community lends these resources readily in a supportive fashion. You may be surprised at how much of a helping hand the peers from your community can be. In a community, your potential is encouraged, and your peers provide you with the resources to enable it.

4. Sense of belonging:

Not feeling like you belong anywhere can be the worst feeling ever. Active community life can build a feeling of being known, understood and wanted. When you join a community, you will realise your views are valued. Being surrounded by people who are like-minded and sharing a collective identity as a community tethers you to a sense of belonging. Community life reassures you that you have a place where you belong.


5. Unconditional support:

Support has the power to change the situation. There will be times when you are feeling cornered. When you are in a community, you have peers who can reassure and support you regardless of circumstances. As they are likely to understand what you’re going through, they also know the kind of support you require. A community is a space of mutual support where all the members are willing to strengthen each other. A real community has the right support for all its members.

The 5 Benefits of Community
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